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Tape Measure 25' (7.62mm) Magnetic Single Hook

Product Code:KT93125

Klein Tools Tape Measure- 25' (7.62 m) Magnetic Single Hook
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KT93125 Level & Measuring

Klein Tool's Magnetic Tape Measures have the innovative high-quality features to make the job easier and more efficient. Large end hooks with Rare Earth magnets are 5x stronger. Horizontal and vertical standout makes for easy one-person measurements.

Rare earth magnetic single end hook
First 11'' (279 mm) has oversized, bold numbers.
True zero feature for accurate inside and outside measuring.
Shock and impact resistant case.
Product: KT93125
Brand: Klein Tools
Type: Tape Measure- 25' Magnetic
BladeĀ Length: 25' (7.5 m)
Weight (lbs.): .91
To avoid personal injury and prevent damage to product, do not allow the blade to retract into case at full speed.

Do NOT open case. Spring motor is under tension and opening may cause injury.

Avoid magnetic contact with sensitive electronic or computer equipment.

Always wear eye protection.

Not insulated. Do NOT use on live circuits.