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Raileasy Round Base Swivel, Compression Jaw For 5 / 32"cable

Product Code:S0982-S004

RAILEASY Swivel End - Round
  • T-316L Stainless Steel
  • Designed for use with 2"Stainless Tubing.
  • Fit a 5/32" cable.
  • Slotted base allows 45 degree cable angle.
  • Used in conjunction with Tensioner S0982-0004.
  • Weight .2 lbs/ea
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S0982-S004 Tensioner

RailEasy™ Tensioner - Round

The RailEasy™ Tensioner Round is used for use in SunRail™ Nautilus cable railing applications.  The slotted base allows for angles up to 45 degrees and is used at either end of a cable run.  A compression fitting allows for tensioning with simple hand tools.  The round shaped base is designed for use with 2” stainless tubing and stays fixed while allowing the body to rotate during tensioning of cable. This tensioner requires rivets for attachment to tubing (supplied with complete systems).

A: 5/32"
B: 5.50"
C: 1.00"
D: 1.50"
ADJ: 1.35"
FAST: 3/16" Rivet
QTY: 1