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Rodent Xcluder Shields, 2 X 8" Per Envelope

Product Code:XC-162940

2- 8" Garage Door Rodent Shield stainless steel strips with adhesive backing

Alcohol wipes to prepare surface for best adhesion

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Gaps and the holes around garage doors (both residential and commercial) are a common entry point for mice, rats and chipmunks. Many of these holes are caused by rodents chewing and gnawing through the vertical weather seals on the sides of garage doors. Typically these seals are made of a medium-weight rubber and are no match for a gnawing rodent. Xcluder™ Garage Door Rodent Shields (GDRS) are made from a sheet of high quality stainless steel and are easily applied to the base of the rubber weather strip. The stainless steel provides an impenetrable barrier for any pest. The GDRS adheres to the inside of the flap so it is not visible from the outside. Easy to install and no tools are required, simply peel the protective backing off the weatherproof adhesive strip and stick it in place.