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3 / 8 X 500 FT 6X37 IWRC Bright Wire Rope

Product Code:BW37S375-00500

Wire Rope Breaking Strength 15,115 lbs


Code All Types Size Others
BW37S375-00500 IWRC 3/8
  • Construction: 6X37
  • Finish: Bright
  • Reel: 500 FT

6x37 class is known for flexibility as well as durability against abrasion. Independent wire rope core (IWRC) ropes have superior crush resistance and strength over fiber core wire ropes, but offer less flexibility.

Wire ropes with a greater number of individual wires (6X37) provide more flexibility and fatigue resistance while ropes with fewer wires (6X19) provide greater abrasion resistance, less flexibility, and more "stiffness".

IWRC- Independent Wire Rope Center
IPS- Improved Plow Strength
RRL- Right Regular Lay

Independent Lab Tested and Quality Assured

Meets Federal Specification RR-W-410.pdf

Inspectregularly for visible damage, distortion, elongation, corrosion, cracks, nicksor abrasion, which may cause failure or reduce the strength of the Wire Rope.

Wire Ropeand Steel Cable must be stored, used, lubricated and maintained in accordancewith the normal safety standards.

Verifythat replacement Wire Ropes are correct for your application and meet yourspecifications.

Avoidshock loads. Do not load Wire Rope to the breaking strength limits. End usermust determine an appropriate safety factor for the application.

Wire Rope Deterioration Guide.pdf