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5 / 32 X 1000 FT 1X19 Type 316 Stainless Steel Cable

Product Code:2T19156-01000

Breaking Strength 2,800 lbs. 
Type 316- Higher corrosion resistance 
Code Size Reel Others
2T19156-01000 5/32 1000 FT
  • Construction: 1X19
  • Finish: Stainless
  • All Types: SSAC-T316

Type 316 1x19 Stainless steel cable is a stiff wire rope commonly used for standing rigging on boats, marine dock applications, steel cable railings, and trellis applications where superior resistance to weather, salt water and corrosives is needed.

Type 316 cable is resistant to many chemicals in the pulp and paper, food processing and textile industries. It has the best pitting resistance in marine and salt water and can be used in temperatures up to 480°C (900°F). This strong material remains ductile over long work periods, has a high breaking strength, offers abrasion-resistance, and is minimally flexible.

Use this cable with the RailEasy™ Steel Cable Railing System.

Diameter: 5/32
Length: 1,000 ft.
Type: Type 316 Stainless
Weight:  .06 lbs/ft
Breaking Strength: 2,800 lbs
Inspect regularly for visible damage, distortion, elongation, corrosion, cracks, nicks or abrasion, which may cause failure or reduce the strength of the Wire Rope.

Wire Rope and Steel Cable must be stored, used and maintained in accordance with the normal safety standards.

Verify that replacement Wire Ropes are correct for your application and meet your specifications.

Avoid shock loads. Do not load Wire Rope to the breaking strength limits. End user must determine an appropriate safety factor for the application.