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7 / 8 X 12 Forged Eye / Jaw Turnbuckle Galvanized

Product Code:9EJ875X12

Turnbuckle Working Load Limit 7,200 lbs

Code All Types Size Grade Quantity
9EJ875X12 Eye/Eye #1 Commercial  
Turnbuckles meet the performance requirements of ASTM Specification F1145-05 and Federal Specifications FF-T-791B- Type1, Form 1, Class 8 and have a safety design factor of 5 to 1.

Galvanized Turnbuckles - hot dip galvanized steel for durability, resistance to corrosives, and weather resistance. Made for in-line or straight pull applications only.

Eye - solid loop end for wire rope turnbuckle with no vulnerable connection points to allow cable to slip through. Elongated eye version minimizes stress on the turnbuckle component.

Fork or Jaw -rigging turnbuckles with wishbone shaped anchor point fitted with a nut and bolt or pin and cotter turnbuckle assembly, this type of fitting is ideal for situations where the anchor point is fixed and will not work with an eye or the anchor point needs to be secured from slipping off the fitting.

Maximum load ratings are based on a straight vertical lift in a gradually increasing manner. Any deviations as angular lifts, shock loads, modification of the basic part, etc., will result in drastically reduced maximum loads.

Turnbuckles are recommended for Straight or In-Line pull only.