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Five Ton Capacity Beam Clamp

Product Code:LMBC-5

  • Flange range 3-12”
  • Part # LMBC-5
  • Weight 25.5 lbs
  • Load bar 1.125”
Code Quantity
Rugged all-steel construction
Fits wide range of beam sizes
Black CED finish (Cathodic Electro Deposition)
Tagged for traceability
Built-in suspension bar for easy attachment to load


Beam Clamps are designed to be used as a temporary or permanent fixed position lifting point for overhead rigging without drilling or welding. Beam Clamps are designed also to reduce the I-beam flange stress by distributing loads away from the flange edges during overhead lifting applications.

Using beam clamps safely

  • Ensure that the beam clamp is of correct capacity for the load being lifted and that the beam will not be damaged by localized overloading.
  • Ensure that the clamp is fitted correctly over the center of gravity of the item being lifted and will not be subjected to side loading.
  • Before lifting a load, ensure that the clamp has been tightened and that the lifting appliance is fitted correctly into the eye of the clamp.

In-service inspection and maintenance

  • Ensure that beam clamps are kept clean and moving parts are lubricated.
  • Regularly inspect beam clamps for wear, damage, distortion, cracks, and any defects likely to cause danger.
  • If any of the above defects are found, remove the beam clamp from service and refer to a competent professional.