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Grab Link T316 Assm 1 Leg 1" X 30'

Product Code:PLAS100X30

Grab Link Pump Lifting Assembly
  • 1" x 3 Ft T316 Stainless Chain.
  • 1/8" x 27 Ft T316 Stainless Cable.
  • 1-1/8" T316 Bow Shackle.
  • Alloy Grab Link.
  • Packed one per box.
  • Assembly WLL 12,000 Lbs
  • Call for additional sizes.
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Fehr's Grab Link Pump Lifting cable/chain combination allows considerable cost savings by eliminating all but 3 ft of the stainless chain normally used for pump placement and retrieval. In its place a 1/8" Type 316 Stainless 7X19 cable assembly stays tethered to the pump and acts as a guide allowing the Grab Link Hook to be lowered to engage the tail chain for pump retrieval by winch assembly. Works equally well with single point or dual point pickup. For dual point use a double bridle assembly.

Product: PLAS100X30
Type: Pump Lifting Assembly
Chain:  1" X 3 FT Type 316 Stainless
Cable: 1/8" X 27 FT Type 316 Stainless
Shackle: 1-1/8" Type 316 SS Bow Screw Pin Shackle
Grab Link: Alloy Grab Link
WLL: Assembly rated at 12,000 LB WLL
Pack: 1 unit per Box