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Gripple Plus Small 1 / 16-5 / 64" 660 # WLL

Product Code:GPLUS-SM

A range of wire joiners and tensioners for all types and sizes of wire (mild or high tensile steel, and polymer wire).
Code All Types Finish Size Quantity
GPLUS-SM Adjusters Zinc Diecast 1/16  

1.40-2.20mm or 1/16"-5/64" or 13-17 gauge Wire
660 lbs. Max Load
Great for Vineyard Trellis

The Gripple Plus has a patented ceramic locking mechanism to deliver better grip and higher load strength. The ceramic mechanism locks onto the wire, resulting in a bond that lasts season after season. The ceramic rollers are rock-hard and super-tough to deal with extremely hard high-tensile wires. Simply push wire or cable into the ends, leaving at least a two inch tail to allow for easy adjustment or re-tensioning. Once in position, serrated rollers grip the wire as soon as reverse tension is applied.

Gripple Plus (Trellising)