HOW TO USE A #0-SC HAND SWAGER SERIES  - Sizes 3/64" to 5/16"

Cable splicing is much easier if the cable is cut clean without frayed ends. We highly recommend  C7, C9, C12 or C16 cable cutters as shown in the Loos & Co. Cableware Division catalog. LOCOLOC® Oval and Stop sleeves in a complete range of sizes are available through the Loos & Co. Cableware Division. Sleeves elongate after compression. To assure maximum holding allow the end of the cable to extend beyond the sleeve after it is compressed. Keep the jaws of the swager at right angles to the sleeve being compressed, making sure the sleeve is aligned in the jaw grooves. Then close the handles of the swager completely. (Note: for lap splices, at least two oval sleeves should be used.) Each Loos & Co. LOCOLOC® Swager is designed to work with one or more specific size sleeves. FOR USE ON ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION CABLES, 7x7, 7x19, 6x19 IWRC ON SIZES UP TO 5/16. You will not obtain performance if you do not use the proper swager and sleeve combination. All compressions must be gauged to assure maximum holding strength, and it is recommended that all assemblies should be proof tested.



Figure 1

Place sleeve to be compressed in groove in swaging tool. Single cavity tools should match cable size to be swaged. Length of cable equal to the cable diameter should extend beyond length of sleeve to achieve maximum holding. (See arrow in figure 3)


Figure 2

Keep jaws of swaging tool at right angles to the sleeve to be compressed, making sure the sleeve is aligned in the jaw grooves. Close tool completely. Tool handles should snap shut indicating complete closure.







Figure 3

Finished sleeve should look like this. Be sure sleeves have been compressed the proper number of times. (See NUMBER OF COMPRESSIONS table below)


Figure 4

Use Swaging gauge provided with the tool to check proper after swage diameter. Compressed sleeve should slide freely into size slot of gauge.


  • Your Loos & Co. LOCOLOC® Swager has been designed to give you years of trouble-free service. To obtain the best possible performance, we recommend: (1) clean and lubricate all moving parts regularly; (2) keep all bolts tight; (3) keep your swager properly adjusted using the following simple procedure:
  • Each LOCOLOC® Swager is supplied with a gauge. Select the slot in the gauge corresponding to the sleeve size being compressed. The compressed portion of the sleeve should pass into the gauge easily. If it does not, then adjust your swager as follows:
  • With the handles apart, use a 3/16" Allen wrench to tighten set screw in handle 1/4 turn. Then compress sleeve and check with the gauge. Continue this procedure until the compressed portion of the sleeve passes easily into the gauge. These instructions apply to all #1-SC, #0, #0-SC, and #1-BSC Loos & Co. LOCOLOC® Swagers




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* Stainless Steel requires the #0 tool

Information provided by Loose & Co.