Grade 100 Chain

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Grade 100 Alloy Chain

Grade 100 Alloy Chain is made from a high strength alloy steel that provides approximately 25% higher working loads than grade 80 chain and is more resistant to fatigue and abrasion. The increased strength to weight ratio allows for the use of smaller diameter chain depending on the application.

Designed for the high demands of overhead lifting applications, it is also an excellent chain for use in recovery, towing and load securement.

Our Grade 100 chain is coated in a special blue E-coating to provide increased life and corrosion resistance without affecting the strength of the chain. Fehr Grade 100 is made to NACM guidelines and meets/exceeds the requirements of OSHA and ASTM standards.



Wire Rope Clips

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Wire Rope Clip Proper Installation

Wire rope clips should be inspected to ensure that they are free from nicks, cracks and other gouges, that there are no suspicious marks of repairs or reshaping and that the correct size clips have been chosen for the job

Nylon Pulley

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3 1/2" Nylon Pulley

Heavy Duty Nylon Pulley used for livestock curtains, winching feeder systems, and ventilation systems. Our fiberglass reinforced nylon is both light weight and corrosion resistant.
     • Grooved bracket helps resist cable slide

     • Accepts up to 3/16” Aircraft Cable

     • Packed 50pcs/ctn.

     • Weight 1.20 lbs/ea