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1" Galvanized Safety Shackle with Nut & Pin

Product Code:DRSAF100

Shackle Working Load Limit 8.5 Tons

Pin Diameter: 1.125"

Code All Types Grade Other(s) Quantity
DRSAF100 Safety Load Rated
  • Size: 1 inch
  • Finish: Galvanized

Fehr Brothers offers a variety of long lasting and robustly designed shackles to meet your needs including load rated anchor shackles, chain or ‘Dee’ shackles, safety shackles, commercial shackles, and a range of stainless steel shackles.

Bolt type safety shackles are recommended for permanent or long-term applications, or if there is a risk of a load sliding on the shackle pin, causing it to rotate. The added safety measure from bolt/nut/cotter pin is the reason these shackles are also called safety anchor shackles. The nut and cotter secondary securement system eliminates the requirement to tighten pin before each lift or movement of load.

Product: DRSAF100
Type: Bolt Style Safety Shackle
Approx. Weight Each:  5.60 lbs.
Working Load Limit: 8 - 1/2 Tons
Pin Diameter: 1.125"

• Never exceed Working Load Limit.

• Inspect Shackles regularly. Replace if worn, distorted or damaged.

• Ensure pin is fully engaged.

• Seize shackle pin with wire.

• Use only Duty Rated Shackles, with embossed WLL, for overhead lifting.