Fehr is the perfect destination for your Guy Strand and Rigging Hardware needs. We inventory multiple sizes and lengths of high quality EHS guy strand made to ASTM A-475 specifications. Fehr is also a stocking distributor of Preformed Line Products dead ends and hardware.

GuyStrandPLP Tree Grip

Whether you have heard it called guy strand, guy wire or guide wire, these normally refer to 1x7 Extra High Strength (EHS) galvanized strand cable. Designed with very little stretch and flexibility this cable is generally used to reinforce and add stability to tall structures; reinforcing everything from radio towers to wind turbines and is ideal for bracing and tensioning applications for arborists’ and linemen.

Our Guy Wire is Class A galvanized, meets ASTM A-475 specifications, is independent lab verified and quality assured.

We supply Guy Wire Components including Galvanized Steel Dead-Ends for use with left-hand galvanized guy strand and Guy Strand Tensioners

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Big-Grip Dead-end - Installation Overview

Big-Grip Dead-ends are designed for use on Transmission, Antenna, Communications, and other types of guyed structures that require use of large guy strand.







PLP Products Are Fully Lab Tested

Fehr is a proud distributor of PLP products which are fully lab tested to assure the utmost quality.


TREE-GRIP™ Dead-end with Thimbles Overview