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Raileasy Drilling Template

Product Code:S0988-1000

RAILEASY Drilling Template
  • Aluminum
  • Allows for easy installation of RailEasy™ cable railing systems.
  • Use with 36" or 42" posts.
  • Weight 0.19 lbs/ea
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S0988-1000 Template

RailEasy™ Drilling Template


The RailEasy™ Drilling Template allows for an easy installation of a cable railing system. Cable runs are spaced 3" on-center for either a 36" or 42" height railing system. The hole patters is designed specifically for mounting tensioners on end/corner posts and for drilling "through-holes" in mid posts.

A: 3.00"
B: 3.50"
C: 24"
QTY: 1