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Light Almond (P547) Uniflex 18 Ft X 15 Pcs

Product Code:WS214910-18AC

  • Light Almond (P547)
  • 2 inch wide x 18 Ft long.
  • 1-7/32 inch wide tapered flex.
  • 15 pcs/ctn.

*14', 16', 18' lengths are stock, all other lengths are custom order.
  Items 8' and longer may be subject to an ancillary over length freight charge.

Call 800.431.3095 for details

Code All Types Length Other(s) Quantity
WS214910-18AC Jamb Seal 18 FT
  • Color: 10 Light Almond (P547)
  • Finish: Un-drilled

 Uniflex™ Garage Door Thermostop®. The industry's most advanced garage door seal. Superior design and quality provides enhanced performance and ease of installation. Its' Patent Pending design eliminates flex distortion during shipment and storage.

  • Flex mount design delivers the combined benefits of both side and top flex profiles.
  • Flex is attached to both top and side surfaces increasing adhesion by 75%.
  • Angled corner allows stacking without flex deformation, improving both packaging and storage.
  • Packaging is designed to prevent product spill.

Royal Building Products Uniflex™ Garage Door Thermostop® is currently available in 30 colors to match today's doors. Item descriptions provide if from stock or by custom order. Predrill material is available in all colors and lengths by special order. Call 800.431.3095 for details and minimum requirements for all non-stock items.

Product: WS214910-18AC
Type: Uniflex Jamb Seal
Finish: Almond CHI (P547)
Style: Un-drilled
Size: 2"
Length: 18'
Qty: 270 Ft