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Raileasy Tensioner Flat Base Compression Jaw

Product Code:S0981-0004

RAILEASY Tensioner - Flat Base
  • T-316L Stainless Steel
  • Fits 5/32" cable.
  • Slotted base allows 45 degree cable angle.
  • Indoor or Outdoor application.
  • Weight .2 lbs/ea
Code All Types
S0981-0004 Tensioner

RailEasyTM Tensioner

The RailEasy™ Tensioner is the primary cable railing tensioning/fastening device. The compression fitting allows for installation and tensioning with simple hand tools. Also, it has a slotted base to achieve angles up to 45 degrees, making it perfect for stair applications.
A: 5/32"
B: 5.40"
C: 0.78"
D: 0.90"
ADJ: 1.35"
FAST: #8
QTY: 1

RAILEASY Project Planner - Technical.pdf

RAILEASY How to measure.pdf