Slip-it Silicone Free Sliding Compound Pint
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Slip-it Silicone Free Sliding Compound Pint

Product Code:SLIPIT-SF16447

  • Derived from the original Sliding Compound, but without silicones
  • Especially suitable for woodworking and elsewhere silicones are not desired
  • Greaseless, odorless, nontoxic workhorse gel lubricant
  • Worker friendly and easy to cleanup
  • Used in shops, home, industry, and farm applications
  • Use on any combination of metal, plastic and wood
  • Handy Tool Box size
  • Better load & wear reduction profiles
  • Inhibits rust & corrosion
  • Attracts less dust
  • Thixotropic (thick fluid when agitated) easy stir & flow gel
  • NSF H1 Qualified- H1 lubricants are food-grade lubricants used in food-processing environments where there is the possibility of incidental food contact.
1.1 lbs.

As one long-time user put it “SLIPIT Lubricant is easy to put on, stay’s where you put it and stays on longer”.

That's why professionals in almost every industry - from elevators, truck doors, to overhead doors - have been turning to SLIPIT as their lubricant of choice for over 80 years. SLIPIT Lubricant protects against rust, is odorless, and repels dust and grime on virtually all surfaces. SLIPIT is FDA and USDA accepted for use in areas with potential incidental food contact. 

Proudly Made in the USA.

In the middle of a muggy summer night in 1939, a Queens, New York building super grew tired of hearing his tenants complain about stuck windows and doors. That night, John Bogie went into his kitchen and invented the first modern, effective and non-toxic lubricant. Since then SLIPIT has been used by thousands of customers including Otis Elevator, NASA and the US Navy.