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1 / 2 X 5000 FT 19X7 Non Rotating Bright Wire Rope

Product Code:BW19N500-05000

Minimum Break Strength: 19,700 lbs.
Code All Types Size Other(s) Quantity
BW19N500-05000 Non-Rotating 1/2
  • Construction: 19X7
  • Finish: Bright
  • Reel: 5000 FT
19x7 Rotation- Resistant Wire Rope is a special class of wire rope designed to resist the tendency to spin or rotate under load. This is achieved by laying 6 strands around the core in one direction, then laying 12 strands around the first in another direction. It is often used for hoisting unguided loads with a single part rope. Commonly used as a crane wire rope and hoist cable.

Frequent and regular inspection for broken wires is critical when using this rope. Due to its design, the 19 x 7 construction has relatively low reserve strength and this can result in short service life.
Inspect regularly for visible damage, distortion, elongation, corrosion, cracks, nicks or abrasion, which may cause failure or reduce the strength of the Wire Rope.

Wire Rope and Steel Cable must be stored, used, lubricated and maintained in accordance with the normal safety standards.

Verify that replacement Wire Ropes are correct for your application and meet your specifications.

Avoid shock loads. Do not load Wire Rope to the breaking strength limits. End user must determine an appropriate safety factor for the application.

Wire Rope Deterioration Guide.pdf