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3 / 16 Zinc Plated Malleable Wire Rope Clip X 25 Pcs

Product Code:WRCG187X25

Zinc Plated Malleable Wire Rope Clip
  • (3/16")
  • Minimum required = 3
  • Zinc Plated
  • Packed 25 Pcs per Bag
  • Weight 1.6 lbs/bag
Code All Types Size Finish Quantity
WRCG187X25 Malleable 3/16 Zinc Plated  
Malleable Wire Rope Clips are a light duty wire rope clip perfect for fencing, hand rails, animal runs, and other applications that do not sustain loads overhead. Do not use malleable clips for critical, heavy duty, or overhead loads, such as lifting slings, support lines, guy lines, towing lines, tie downs, scaffolds, etc. Drop-forged wire rope clips or cable sleeves should be used for critical applications.

Wire rope clips should be inspected to ensure that:

the wire rope clips are free from nicks, cracks and gouges;

there are not any suspicious marks of repairs or reshaping;

clips with the correct dimensions have been selected.